GSM-masten als massavernietigingswapen

ingezonden door Veronica Vos

Cellphone masten als moordwapen, platte gronden: wereld wijd raakt het bezaaid met deze masten America wordt hier vooral besproken, maar dit wordt natuurlijk wereldwijd een ramp.
Nog wat quotes:
“Extermination by celltower, weapons for quiet war”.
“Chemtrail,= drug loaded nano- microcapsules delitery system is currently a promising method for the “treatment”, of many types of diseases particularly tumors, nano particulars the size of dust can enter your cells, they can turn you in a GMO and release DNA or chemicals and trans form you…”
“They can activate an outbreak of diseases, it is a bomb waiting to go off, with the right hacker, or wrong politician to push the button”
“If we don’t accept there NWO agenda all they have to do is flip the switch no one can see it coming.”
“We need those towers we need our cell phones…..”.
Politicians are not in controle, we need to change the system…”

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