Activists vs. academics? We can work it out…

basic-income“Until recently many thought the big divide in the developing movement for unconditional basic income was essentially marked by class,” commented UBIEurope’s Barb Jacobson at the 15th Basic Income Earth Network Congress in Montreal 26-29 June. “There are those who study basic income, but by and large don’t need it themselves. Then there are those who are active in organising to get it, because by and large they do need it, yesterday.”

Today we are more hopeful than ever that this divide can be bridged. With UBIEurope becoming an affiliate to BIEN, we not only gain recognition from the first and oldest international network to promote basic income. We also make plain our desire to join forces with the movement for basic income beyond the borders of the European continent, so that it can become a human right recognised throughout the world.

UBIE nieuwsbrief, 8 juli 2014